Goodnight Japan are a four piece hailing from Sydney, Australia.
Combining elements of indie, post rock, garage and lo fi, they mostly like to write songs about common household appliances.

“There’s a studied quality to the shuffling indie rock this band are making. Like, if your cool older cousin put this on a mixtape for you between bands you’d only ever read about like Guided By Voices and Television you wouldn’t bat an eyelid”
– triple j

“Touches of the muscly end of something like The Go-Betweens canon – which probably sits them comfortably alongside Rolling Blackout CF and that ilk of good #Strayan product”
– TheMusic.com.au

Goodnight Japan are *all* business – this set has got so many rich and complex moving parts it’s hard to pin it down. Still, while idiots like us are busy trying to pin it all down, this set’s cheerfully running us all over with a tank full of exquisitely crafted, intelligently written songs. And it serves us all right.”
The Underground Stage

Abel Ibanez G. – vocals and guitar
Gemma Conroy – bass
Joel van Gastel – drums
Meredith Lane – guitar


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