Double Rainbow – Charlie Gradon

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I saw Charlie Gradon when I was playing a show for Happy Mag at The Marlborough Hotel (Marly Bay), Sydney in 2019.

I was late to the venue as I had overslept after a night shift. I arrived still half asleep a few minutes into Charlie’s set. Instantly I was shocked awake. I was stunned by the quality of Charlie and his entire band.

After being hooked in by their wonderful on-stage presence, the intelligence of the songwriting began to push itself to the foreground. Each new song was unique from the one before and offered a new idea which kept me interested for their entire set. The vocal performances from the entire band were incredibly lush and pristine.

After the show, I immediately sought out Charlie’s recorded work and his song Double Rainbow was is a particular highlight for me.

I hope we played a good set that night. I can’t actually recall. I just remember Charlie Gradon.

~ Joel. 🥁