Pony artwork: Black and White ripples

After two years, a lineup change and a pandemic, Goodnight Japan are finally releasing a new track: Pony.

This song has been kicking around in the setlist for ages, so it feels pretty good to finally get it down on paper… tape… 1s and 0s? This song pre-dates my (Meredith) addition to the band by a fair whack, and is my first recorded track with the band since joining in 2019 (did I mention the pandemic?). Pony has gone through so many revisions in that time. We’ve changed the title, the structure, the lyrics, the arrangement. Abel changes the lyrics every time he sings it. The guitars have been written and re-written about a thousand times. I bought two very expensive pedals just for this song (no ragrets).

It’s the first track we’ve worked on with producer and engineer, Liam Judson, who’s worked with bands like Rolling Blackouts CF, Cloud Control and Bloods, just to name a few. It’s also the first track that we’ve collaborated with Avinash Chordia on, a Sydney based drummer, percussionist and all around good guy.

So this song is a lot of firsts. It’s also kind of a new musical direction for us. We were throwing around all sorts of adjectives to try and describe it, and settled on “Berlin Bowie Neo Disco Punk”. Whatever that is.

We recorded up at Liam’s studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, which sounds like the chillest vibe ever. Beautiful scenery, cozy fireplace, plenty of good coffee, cool gear… sounds like heaven, right? Unfortunately, we were due to record the weekend of the Great 2021 Eastern Australia Floods. Anyone who was in our neck of the woods knows how wild the weather was that week. Driving up there from inner Sydney in the morning was moderately terrifying, and the thought of driving back in the dark was legitimately terrifying. We managed to get Joel’s drums and Gemma’s bass down before calling it for fear of being trapped there and severely outstaying our welcome. Zeus had beaten us this time, we were down, but not out.

On a weekend with more agreeable weather we returned, smashed out the rest of the guitar, percussion and vocals with frightening efficiency, and that was that. This song is the culmination of so much creative input from each of us, and on the final day it all just fell together like a well oiled puzzle.

The artwork is by the amazing Melissa Fuentes, who does incredible trippy generative art and has worked with some huge names. Not only is she obscenely talented, she’s also been just absolutely lovely to work with.

If you’re in Sydney, we’ll be celebrating in style and launching it on the 25th June, at Yulli’s Brews in Alexandria. We hope to see you there.

I bloody love this track, it’s one of my personal favourites to play live, and really it’s just a bit of good old fashioned fun. I hope it puts you in a better mood than whatever pony Abel is singing about.

– Meredith.

  • Liam sitting in front of a huge multi channel mixing desk
  • Joel recording his drum takes.
  • Meredith standing, playing guitar and fiddling with pedals.
  • Avinash playing tambourine and drums