Tambourine and shakers

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Joel could not make it for our show at The Factory Theatre at the beginning of the year, so we had to look for someone who could learn 10 songs in five days, rehearse a couple of times and replace him for the night. Meredith wrote an ad on our social media, and we were very lucky to find Avinash relatively fast. The gig went great and we decided that we wanted him on board on the project somehow.

Some weeks after the show, Abel and Avinash were having dinner together:

– Avinash, what’s the show that you have enjoyed playing the most lately?
– That’s easy: I played tambourine and shakers with this George Tribute band. It was so much fun, man!

And, since all of the songs that Abel has been writing lately are full with tambourine and shakers, everything seemed pretty clear for everyone.

Welcome on board, Avinash!